The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security in office, Magdalena Valerio, stressed his commitment to decent work and quality in employment and stressed that the fight against precarious work has been from the start one of the "signs" of identity "of the Government.

"Decent or decent work, in international terminology, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and that supposes that men and women have the opportunity of a productive employment in freedom, equity, security and with dignity ".

Valerio has presented the diplomas to the 62nd promotion of Inspectors and Inspectors of Labor and Social Security. In his speech, the minister congratulated the new inspectors and inspectors remarking that they are "a powerful tool for social justice to become a reality in our country." He encouraged the Labor Inspectorate to continue advancing in the objective of improving the quality of employment and in the fight against irregular employment, which it considers one of the worst forms of exploitation, because it violates the rights of workers and leads to fraud Social Security "intolerable". "The Labor Inspectorate should remain at the forefront of the defense of labor rights and social protection of workers in new forms of employment and in the economy of the platforms," ​​he said.

The daily work of the inspection contributes, to a great extent, "to eliminate the uncertainties that the new forms of work organization" by ensuring compliance with the rights of working people and that contribute "to the sustainability of the heart of the Social State: our Social Security system ", in the words of the minister.

Magdalena Valerio has highlighted the good results of Master Plan for a Decent Work (2018-2020), one of the first measures adopted by the current Government, in functions, which has emerged as "a powerful tool to address the most serious problems accumulated by our labor market in recent years."

This Master Plan with its two crash plans, one against fraud in temporary hiring and the other against the irregular use of part-time hiring, have allowed, together with the ordinary action, to improve the employment quality of 225,000 workers in 2018, either because their temporary contracts have become indefinite (193,146) or because they have increased their working hours (31,597).

A reinforced Inspection

With the incorporation today of these new 47 troops, together with the promotions of Sub-Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors that were incorporated in recent weeks, the Labor and Safety Inspectorate reaches 2,055 troops, the "highest figure in the history of this century-old institution".

To this figure will be added the new additions that result from the selective processes currently underway (353 places of the three inspection bodies), in addition to 160 places of the Public Employment Offer of 2019 and another 160 that are expected for 2020. All this will mean a net increase in the estimated workforce by 23%.

Together with the reinforcement of the workforce, the way has begun for the effective constitution and regular functioning of the Governing Council of the Agency, as its governing and government body composed of representatives of the General State Administration and the Autonomous Communities, and of the General Council , as the organ of institutional participation of the social partners in matters related to the State Organism.

The general director of the State Labor Inspection and Social Security Agency, Marisol Serrano, welcomed the new inspectors and highlighted the historic role of this centenary institution as a public service to guarantee compliance with the regulations of the social order and the rights of workers. A role that is consolidated, he said, as an "essential element" at a time of change in the framework of labor relations.

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