Vallejo: "It's been a group victory because we've all joined"

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NEWS | 07/01/2019

"This team has made a historic feat," said Ceballos on Realmadrid TV.

Jesus Vallejo, Dani Ceballos and Borja Foreman they attended Realmadrid TV in the tribute that the Spanish Football Federation dedicated to the European U-21 champions. The center-back, captain of the national team in the tournament, said: "It has been a victory for the group, we have all been very important and in such a demanding and intense tournament it is important that we have all joined. Now we have to celebrate it because we do not know when this will happen again. Some of us have finished the sub-21 but we have relief and hopefully do it the same or better than us. "

"It feels tremendous joy, with a lot of work behind, also in the Real Madrid to get here. We are all very happy and the work we have done as a team has been key because we have all been important. The key was the match against Italy, a defeat that made us stronger. We do not sink, we keep working and the next matches we have all faced as final. "

Ceballos: "We have achieved something historic"

"The satisfaction is twofold: we have achieved something historic equal to Italy and the most important thing is that this team has made a historic feat. We were already getting a U-19 European and now we close with sub-21. I know Vallejo long time ago and I knew the illusion that made me lift the trophy with him, who is a champion. It is a detail that I will hardly forget. "

Mayoral: "It has been an incredible European"

"We have not assimilated it yet. It has been an incredible European, after how it all started, that did not put us face. This team has been restored, we have had not very good situations but in the end the goal of being in the Olympic Games and being European champions has been achieved. This team has done something very big and we are very happy to have achieved this. Football always gives you second chances and has given us the second chance to have played against Germany and we could not fail. "

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