Valverde: "I will never forget the first time I played at the Bernabéu"

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NEWS | 11/11/2019

The Uruguayan midfielder was the protagonist of a new installment of the ‘Field of Stars’ program of Realmadrid TV.

Frederick Valverde He starred in a new installment of Star Field of Realmadrid TV. The midfielder reviewed his football career and had words of praise for Zidane: "I will never forget the first time I played in the Bernabeu. Seeing the entire white stadium cheering me up is amazing. I am a fighter, who always works with humility and in the Real Madrid It is very well accompanied. There are people who make you grow incredibly on a football level, but also on a personal level. "

“There are no words to describe Zidane. Only by greeting you is already learning from him. It's very good that the Mr. Believe in me and everything that a Uruguayan player struggles to reach. ”

First contact with Real Madrid

“I dreamed as a child of playing in a huge stadium and that many people shouted my name. It was a very nice dream, but I didn't give it much importance until the following years. Until the day he Real Madrid Ask for me. The team I wanted and dreamed. I thought it was worth everything I had fought for my family and it was a moment that I should take advantage of, value and enjoy. ”

The arrival at the club

“When I arrive in Madrid, everything impresses me: how they receive me, arrive at the facilities, know many things that it is impossible to have for a person who is playing Uruguayan football. I was leaving friends and family behind, but I was aware that I struggled to play in the Real Madrid and that I was not going to miss this opportunity. ”

His game

“The best thing I have is the vision and the rhythm to play with the ball. I am a player that touches me where I play, I will try to give my best, with a lot of energy to run back and forth. Reach the two areas: to be able to defend and attack. You can say that I am a little warm on the court. ”

Both Casemiro and Ramos are the example of what a player with the Real Madrid shield has to be.

“When you arrive at Real Madrid You must be ready for everything that happens. He Castile I enjoyed it to the fullest and took advantage of it. I learned that there are always difficulties, even if you wear the Real Madrid shirt. ”


“He is an idol. I never imagined sharing costumes with him and I love to share games, training, talks, jokes … I admire his tranquility and his way of watching football. It has no nerves. I do not know how he does it".


"I always highlight Casemiro, since it is the one I share with the box office and I have that South American contact. We always talk about football and make jokes. It shows me a personality that I admire a lot and I would like to have. He is fierce, fights for the team, supports everyone and gives that bonus. Both he and Sergio Ramos they are the example of what a player with the shield of the Real Madrid Market Stall".

A dream

“I dream of continuing to grow as a person and as a soccer player. Having a family and children who can see me play in the Real Madrid".

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