Valverde: "It was a goal I was looking for in the last matches"

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NEWS | 11/09/2019

"You have to continue along this line and go up," said Courtois.

He Real Madrid Éibar prevailed in a match in which Valverde He scored his first goal as a white player. The Uruguayan explained how he felt after the end of the meeting: “You can say that today is one of my happiest days. It was a goal I was looking for in the last games because I am looking for something special. Modric It has given me tremendous assistance, but the important thing is that we win and go to the break of very happy selections. ”

“When I scored I remembered the people around me, those who are fighting with me. My family, my girlfriend, they are the ones in the good and the bad. The goal was mainly for them. Modric He said something funny, but I can't say it here. He has joked and told me that he finally entered. I thank him for the pass and I thank the team for the confidence and security they give me. ”

Five unbeaten games

“It is an effort of all, a sacrifice of all and we must congratulate Courtois, which is the one that is stopping. We always try to run an extra ball to help and not score a goal. ”

“We knew it was a tough game, the opponent pressed up and looked for the second play. We imposed a game that is what we are doing in the last matches and when brands change everything, we take advantage of that and one goal after another came ”.

Courtois: "We must continue along this line"

“I don't think we played as badly as sometimes spoken. Against Betis we played well, but we didn't score. We are playing well and today it was important to know when to play back and when to play short. They pressed a lot, but we did very well what the coach asked of us. ”

Valverde: "When I scored I remembered the people around me, those who are fighting with me."

"He Madrid It always has to be up there. You have to continue along this line and go up. It was important to win before the break. It is a pity that the break comes because we are in a very good run, but now we are going to think about the selection. "

Streak without fit goal

“I have never doubted myself, although there are people who think differently because you fit goals. I have always felt this way. I keep working hard to improve and help the team. ”


“He has made a great game. In terms of statistics he has not scored or assisted, but sometimes it is not just that what is needed. Today we win by scoring four goals and he also wants to score, but if he plays like today I have no doubt that they will arrive. ”

Valverde Party

"With Fede I get along very well and he is a great player. Surely you can be here 15 years. It brings a lot to the team in attack and defense, fights a lot and has a great shot. Today he has scored his first goal, but in training he is the one who best hits the ball. I hope I can score more goals from the second line because that will come in handy. ”

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