Valverde, MVP of the final

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NEWS | 01/12/2020

"I am happy for the title, I try to train and fight to make things go well," said the midfielder.

Valverde was elected MVP of the final of the Spanish Super Cup. The Uruguayan midfielder, who played 115 minutes in the match against Atlético, received on the grass of the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah this recognition that he chooses a commission of sports technicians of the Spanish Football Federation.

Later, he appeared in the press room to analyze the game: “I am very happy. I try to train and fight to make things go well. Thank you for this award. We must highlight each effort of each partner and those who were encouraging and advising on the break. I enjoy every moment that goes through my life, both professionally with titles, and personally because I want to announce that I will be a dad. ”

His expulsion

“It was something that should not be done. I apologized to Morata but it was the only thing I could do because he is a very fast player. I am happy for the title but I have the thorn stuck in what I did because it is not right. ”

Peer support

“My classmates supported me but it was a sad moment for me. I left the team with one less, but there were my teammates to support me. Simeone also came over and told me something that I am not going to reproduce and I want to thank you. ”

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