Valverde: "This goal is very special"

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NEWS | 11/23/2019

"We have won the victory against a good rival," said Varane.

He Real Madrid defeated Real Sociedad in the Santiago Bernabeu. Valverde, author of the second goal of the whites, analyzed the triumph: "We came from a few games making a difference in the first part and today it cost us a little. We always go out to win and support each other and that is very nice."

"We did not start in the best way, but we were able to get a victory, which is what matters. I am tired, but very happy because we came for the victory and we got it."

His goal

"They always repeat to me that I have to throw away. Today I joked about that with the coach and Casemiro. Today he entered, I do not know if it was luck, but he entered and that is what matters. He always gives me assistance Modric when the ball comes in, so I'm going to get more passes from him. The goal is very special for everything I am working with the team and what the group is doing. Marking in this stadium is something that I will remember and that I will enjoy with my family. "

The rival

"It's a very good team, which is doing things very well. They played a great game. We sought to press and cover the spaces. Sometimes we looked for our backs, but we improved that and we could take the game."


"Gareth entered, contributed what he knows how to do and participated in the third goal. We are going to support him from the first day until the last and we will give Gareth all the best, as he gives it to us. The celebration is a way to show that we are united. He is a person who has treated me very well and deserves my respect. He is training very well and contributing in the field. Surely the fans will reward him. "

Valverde: "Playing in Real Madrid the desire can never be missing."

"This victory is a very big motivation. Playing in the Real Madrid the desire can never be missing and against the PSG we have a thorn. We have everything to win this Tuesday. "

Varane: "You have to have character and tranquility"

"We have to have character and peace of mind when this happens. We have concentrated and achieved victory against a good opponent. It has been difficult, but we have pressed well and played in a rival field, which is difficult and we are trying to do. done well. "

"We have started badly and we have gone from less to more. The second part has been good and we have achieved a very good result. It is important to remain focused and calmly. We have improved a lot during the match and we have started the second as we finish the first, playing in rival field, pressing and together ".

Selection stop

"It's never easy to come back after the break. We have a few days of training together, but we had a clear idea of ​​how to play the game."


"These are things that can happen. After fifteen years everyone can have mistakes. Then he has played a good game."


"The public can say, but in the field it has been good and focused on the game."

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