Valverde: “When I wear the Real Madrid shirt there is always a tickle”

NEWS | 11/04/2019

"With this shield you can not settle, I want to win all the titles with the team," said the midfielder in 'Real Madrid Connect'.

Fede Valverde went to the program Real Madrid Connect, from Realmadrid TV, where he reviewed his career and talked about what it means to be part of the white team: “It's amazing to play with 21 years in such a big club and with so much history. I am looking forward to it and I will continue to fight for titles. When I was little I dreamed of playing here and winning the Champions League. Now I try to take advantage of the opportunities, listen to the advice of my colleagues and enjoy the moment. ”

“When I wear the Real Madrid shirt there is always a tickle in my belly. I think it always has to be. It's nice. I remember an anecdote before the derby against Atlético. The coach had given eleven and I was there. Casemiro approached me and told me that if I was nervous and I looked at my hand and I was shaking. ”

Memories of its beginnings

“What I liked most was playing in the street with my friends. That was what made me happy and the most fun. Then I started as a professional at Peñarol. I was from school and I remember it as something special too. It has happened to me quickly. I never imagined playing in a team like Real Madrid. Now I try to keep growing and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Only I have the responsibility for this dream to continue and hopefully it never ends. ”


"It was excellent. I was entering the locker room that had won many Champions and that they receive you in the same way that any other is something that satisfies you a lot, it fills you with pride and joy. Modric or Kroos wrapped me up from the beginning and that flatters me a lot. Today I share jokes but at first I had a lot of respect for them. I feel them as older brothers because of how they advise and treat me. They are exemplary people and I will always be grateful. ”

Only I have the responsibility for this dream to continue and hopefully never end.

“I learn from everyone. Each player has a history within the club. They come to advise you and listen to me. I admire Casemiro very much and I will always be grateful. It's like a father to me. It is fun to train with my classmates. I always highlight Sergio for his strength as a captain and command voice, and Marcelo who always has a smile. "


“I remember when they called me. I could not believe it. I did not understand anything. I could debut. I entered and Marcelo scored a goal. I will never forget it and it has to serve as my motivation. ”

First title

"It's nice. The Club World Cup was the first and will be the first of many. I won a title with people I saw on television years ago. I would love to be here for many years and achieve many titles for both the club and me. ”

Real Madrid in Uruguay

“It looks like something inexplicable, unattainable. It is very difficult for Uruguayans to come to play here. When I play it is as if 3 million did. There are many people who support Real Madrid in Uruguay. ”


“It helps me to get the best I have, not to hide, to show why the coach puts me on. I thank you for the advice you give me as well as the rest of my classmates. That Zidane speaks of me well seems great to me. ”


“First continue to grow as a person and as a player. With this shield you cannot conform. I won a Club World Cup and I want to win everything that comes. There is much to go. ”

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