Varane: "We must have peace of mind and faith in our work"

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NEWS | 07/30/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Munich) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"Little by little we are growing and I am sure that the fruits will come," he added.

The Real Madrid He could not reach the final of the Audi Cup at the Allianz Arena. After the match against Tottenham, Varane He said: “We always want to win, but we are working on that and I trust our work. Little by little we are growing and taking sensations, we must have tranquility and faith in our work. I am sure that the fruits will come. At the individual level we make technical mistakes, but that is corrected. "

"I remember that in 2017, that we won everything, we started the preseason badly, with defeats. Everyone knows that when he Madrid Start the competition will be something else, but it is not an excuse. You have to be calm, when we start we will be ready. ”


“The other day we don't compete, today we do and this is important. We are focused on our objectives and I am sure that we will be improving and integrating our game ideas. On a physical level we are also working very well. ”


"We know that in the market period the template can move, that is never comfortable, but you have to put up with it."

Zidane gives us peace of mind because he knows the potential we have.

"Every year is the same. We have to be professionals and the future of each player is going to be resolved."


“You don't have to prove your value. We know he is a great goalkeeper and we love him very much. There is competition in each team position. That's good, it makes us better. ”


“I don't see him worried. It gives us peace of mind because it knows the potential we have. We are making adjustments at the individual and team level. He knows what we are capable of doing and it is normal for us to expect more from the outside, but inside we know that we are working to be ready. ”


“We have a great team and he is a great player. I know him very well, but I trust my teammates. If players come from outside we will see, but I am counting on my teammates. ”

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