El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Vicente Betoret

Holders of his speech:

  1. The Territorial Policy spokesman of the GPP denounces "the contempt and institutional disloyalty" of the Government with the CCAA and local entities, for their refusal to
    promote consensus: "They have repeated that Sánchez met weekly with the regional presidents, but they have only been a monologue by the president."

  2. To the Minister of Territorial Policy: "While they did not stop asking for unity and loyalty, they have behaved like the most disloyal and authoritarian government in democracy."

  3. He reproaches the Executive that "the terms consensus, transparency, loyalty or co-governance are only empty words and pure marketing, which has been" the new normal "or" the social shield. "

  4. It censors that the Government has met only once with local entities during the crisis, when "they were promised a meeting every 15 days." "They have three
    weeks waiting for a second meeting that does not come, "he warns.

  5. He underlines that while the Government approved "a non-reimbursable fund of 16,000 million" for the Autonomous Communities in the fight against the pandemic, still "insufficient", it has allocated "zero euros" to local entities.

  6. He claims the head of Territorial Policy to attend to the PP's proposal to create three urgent aid funds for local entities, "who are serving their citizens in the first social line without a shield and alone because their Government has abandoned them to their luck ”.

  7. He challenges Minister Darias to reassure mayors and presidents of local corporations, guaranteeing that "in no case" will they seize municipal savings.

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