VII Authors Meeting with Translators

The SGAE Foundation, the Association of Theater Authors and Authors (AAT) and the National Dramatic Center-INAEM, with the collaboration of Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E) through its Internationalization Program of Spanish Culture (PICE) in Mobility modality, have organized the VII Meeting of Authors with Translators SGAE-AAT Foundation to be held within the framework of the XX edition of the International Theater Book Fair, which will take place at the Valle-Inclán Theater in Madrid (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n), headquarters of the National Dramatic Center – INAEM, from October 17 to 20. Access is free until capacity is reached.

This initiative pursues the dissemination of Spanish theatrical heritage in other languages ​​and the international promotion of Spanish authors. For four days, the El Mirlo Blanco Room of this theater will host a series of morning meetings between these and six translators from different countries: Franziska Muche (Germany), Françoise Thanas (France), Manuela Cherubini (Italy), Alejandra Alem (Portugal ), Susan P. Berardini (United States) and Tim Gutteridge (United Kingdom). To them is added the assistance of Zoubeir Ben Bouchta (Morocco) as an international observer.

The selected authors may initiate individual contact with a translator during the four days of this meeting. Each translator will see a maximum of 16 authors. A total of 64 playwrights, partners of SGAE, of the AAT or members of the Rivas Cherif Laboratory (CDN), have been selected to meet with the six translators.

An AC / E representative and a representative of the SGAE Foundation will present this program at the opening ceremony of the International Theater Book Salon, on Friday, October 18 at 1:30 p.m.

Six translators in search of author

As a novelty, in this edition, authors who have been selected by more than four translators to interview (Paco Gámez, Nieves Rodríguez Rodríguez and Víctor Vegas) will have the opportunity to meet the six in a joint session, in order to that translators can ask the questions they deem appropriate to get to know this work better. The sessions will be held this Thursday and Friday afternoon and will be open doors, so that producers and publishers can also witness it, if they wish, unable to ask questions during the session.

Moroccan playwright and screenwriter Zoubeir Ben Bouchta, currently director of the Riad Sultan Cultural and Artistic Space in the Kasbah of Tangier, which will open in 2020, will attend these sessions as an international observer.

To this program is added a series of activities around contemporary dramaturgy such as dialogues between authors, round tables, theater awards, professional meetings with agents of the sector, representations of youth microteatro, a debate moderated by Félix Estaire between Ernesto Caballero and Lucia Carballal, and four days of dramatized readings, among others.

This activity adds to the dramatized reading cycles that the SGAE Foundation regularly organizes as the SGAE Dramatized Reading Cycle that includes the winning texts of the latest editions of the SGAE Awards of Jardiel Poncela and Children's Theater, LAM Contest or the Writing Laboratory Theatrical, which will take place from November 10 at the Sala Berlanga in Madrid and in theaters throughout Spain.

Theater Pitching: Can you tell me in five minutes?

The SGAE Foundation also organizes a series of professional sessions in which the authors can present a theatrical text for five minutes to editors, producers, stage directors, representatives, programmers, companies and other agents in the sector. The activity will take place on Thursday 17 at 7.30 pm and its objective is to facilitate the meeting between the authorship and the other agents involved in the sectorial framework, in order to promote the creation of new projects. As a novelty, in this new edition, we will have the presence of international producers: Rui Frati del Théâtre de l'Opprimé (Paris) and MigrActions Festival, Juan Luis Acevedo de Iati Theater, Teátrica y FuerzaFest (New York) and Zoubeir Ben Bouchta del Cultural and Artistic Space Riad Sultan. Kasbah (Tangier), among others.

Three news from the SGAE Foundation

In addition, the SGAE Foundation will have an exhibition space and its own point of sale in the XX International Theater Book Fair. This showcase will allow the public to know the editorial background of the Foundation, which is completed with three titles published this November, corresponding to two of the winning texts of the last edition of the SGAE Theater Awards: Eloy and tomorrow. A genre tale from Iñigo Guardaminoy Astrolabe from Paco Romeu. These works are the winners of the XII International Leopoldo Alas Mínguez Contest, which summon the SGAE Foundation and the Visible Association, and the XIX SGAE Children's Theater Award, which the SGAE Foundation co-publishes together with Anaya in its collection Book souprespectively. To these texts is added the publication of A third place by Denise Despeyroux, finalist for Best Theater Authorship at the XXI Max Performing Arts Awards, organized by the SGAE Foundation.

These three texts are the last to be integrated into the entity's extensive editorial catalog, which has more than two hundred titles so far and outlines the state of the contemporary scene. Thus, to the aforementioned theater collections of the SGAE Foundation, the Teatroautor collection, manuals, guides, essays, biographies, anthologies and studies on management policies, marketing and loyalty of audiences are added, all for sale in the XX Hall Theatrical Book International.

Aid for the translation of theatrical texts

Continuing with the internationalization work of the SGAE partner authors, the SGAE Foundation has convened in 2019 the Aid for the Translation of Theater Texts, whose registration period ends on November 15 of this year. This aid, first convened in 2016, allowed some of the beneficiaries to meet at these meetings, such as Felix Estaire, which Ivana Krpan translated Rhapsody for a tall man; Borja Ortiz de Gondra, who requested help for William Gregory (United Kingdom) to translate his work The Gondra, a Basque story, or Vanessa Montfort who claimed her to translate her work with Pino Tierno (Italy) The Greyhound

About the International Theater Book Fair

The AAT has been organizing the International Theater Book Fair since 2000. This initiative aims to disseminate the theater book; both to the author's work and to the texts related to some of the specialties of the performing arts. Throughout its nineteen editions, it has attained great importance nationwide as it is the only event specialized in promoting dramatic texts in their literary version. Apart from offering editorial news, a series of parallel activities are organized (dramatized readings, presentations, awards, meetings, round tables, etc.) in which different professionals from the sector participate.

About translators

Alejandra Alem (Portugal). Translator and producer. Degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures – French and Spanish Studies – Minor in Translation from the Nova University of Lisbon. He obtained the University Diploma of Portuguese Foreign Language by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. Uruguayan and French, he has lived in Lisbon since 1990 where he studied acting at the Institute of Formation, Theater and Theater Production and production at the Higher School of Theater and Cinema. In 2001 he founded the theater company Primeiros Sintomas in Lisbon, premiering with the show A’Ros Suicidam-se from Greguerías by Ramón Gomez de la Serna. He has worked in theater and audiovisual in international productions in France, Portugal and Argentina.

Susan P. Berardini (U.S). Professor, translator and proofreader of Premiere Contemporary Spanish Plays. Doctor in Spanish literature from the University of Buffalo, where she specialized in contemporary Spanish theater. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the theater of Paloma Pedrero. She is currently a Spanish teacher at Pace University in New York and writes in the annual series Premiere Contemporary Spanish Plays, which is dedicated to the publication of contemporary Spanish theater translated into English. Among the novelties of this year, there will be a series of dramatized readings at the Embassy of Spain, in Washington, D.C., which will focus on the theater of Paloma Pedrero, Laila Ripoll and Yolanda García Serrano. Premiere Contemporary Spanish Plays It has 42 volumes, which represent the best playwrights in the country. The importance and success of this series were recognized in 2015, when he received the Best Editorial Work Award from the Theater Authors and Authors Association in Madrid. As a translator, in 2019 she published her English translations of twelve short works in the series SIZE DOESN'T MATTER / SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. These translations include pieces by Immaculate Alvear, Antonia Bueno, Alberto de Casso, Ignacio del Moral, Juana Escabias, Jerónimo López Mozo, Miguel Murillo, Ignacio Pajón, Néstor Villazón and Pedro Víllora. He is currently preparing a translation of I got lost in your eyes by José Ramón Fernández.

Manuela Cherubini (Italy). Director, author and translator. Degree in Theater History at the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Since 2002 he studies Dramaturgy with José Sanchis Sinisterra in courses at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and at the National Dramatic Center in Madrid. He has translated to Italian works and essays by Sanchis Sinisterra, Juan Mayorga, Javier Daulte, Daniel Veronese, Federico León and Rafael Spregelburd, among others, as well as the volumes of compilation and analysis of theater in Spanish. As director, she has staged works by Rafael Spregelburd, Daniel Veronese or Juan Mayorga.

Tim Gutteridge (United Kingdom). Translator, Bachelor of History, and Master in Applied Linguistics. He was a translation professor at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpretation of the United Kingdom (ITI), of the Association
of Literary Translators (TA), and of the Mediterranean Network of Publishers and Translators (MET), a member of the group of theater translators, Out of the Wings (OOTW)
Among his theatrical translations are: Rukeli by Carlos Contreras Elvira, trad. 2017, with financial help from the SGAE Foundation; The swallow / The swallow by Guillem Clua, trad. 2017, prod. Cervantes Theater, London, 2017 and 2018; ed. Antígona Ediciones, Madrid, 2018 .; MORON. / I.D.I.O.T. by Jordi Casanovas, trad. 2018; ongoing project, production is expected in 2020; The flag / The flag by Guillem Clua, trad. 2018; Bad joke / Bad joke by Jordi Casanovas, trad. 2018; prod., Omnibus Theater, London, 2019.

Franziska Muche (Germany). Translator specialized in theater. She has a degree in Language Studies, Economics and Civilization from the University of Passau, in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada and has trained as an actress and playwright at the Michael Chekhov Studio in Berlin (2007-2010). He has worked at the Association of Academic Cooperation in Brussels, to promote internationalization in the field of higher education. Since 2007 she is dedicated to theater as a translator, director and playwright in youth theater. Between 2013 and 2016 he directed the series of dramatized readings AMBIGÚ at the Alte Kantine Wedding in Berlin, dedicated to international contemporary dramaturgy. Franziska Muche translates works by Spanish-speaking playwrights into German and, in collaboration with Pilar Sánchez Molina, from German to Spanish. As a translator, she has collaborated frequently with the Goethe Institute in Madrid and the PANTHEA and Sprachspiel agency, as well as with several publishers of plays, German theaters, important festivals and with the theater magazine Theater der Zeit. In 2016 he is the sole jury of the Anna Seghers literature prize and participates in the Authors Meeting with Translators organized by the SGAE Foundation and the AAT. Between 2017 and 2019 he receives twice the support of the SGAE Foundation for his translation of works by José Manuel Mora and Abel González Melo. In 2018/2019, he translates into a team of four translators new Cuban works for the Theater der Zeit publishing house and receives a scholarship from the German Translators Fund to develop the concept of a series of theater anthologies translated from Spanish.

He is a managing member of the Drama Panorama theater translators platform.

Francoise Thanas (France). Translator Graduated in Letters, Spanish and Theater Studies, she coordinated numerous theatrical translation seminars in France and Latin America, mainly in Argentina and Uruguay. Make documentary subtitles. He has directed two books: Argentina, dramatic writing today Y Uruguay, dramatic writing today. She is the author of the essay Atahualpa Yupanqui. Has translated Impunity exercise, the Juan Gelman case by Carlos Liscano, Astor by Diana Piazzolla (Coup de coeur of the Charles Cros Academy), Living word (texts and poems of the disappeared during the Argentine dictatorship), and poems by Delmira Agustini, Alfonsina Storni and Violeta Parra. Among the playwrights, he translates the texts of numerous Spanish and Latin American authors. Their translations are published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs, Sud-Papiers, Éditions Théâtrales, Indigo, Hamac / Septentrion (Québec), Frictions Magazines and Du Théâtre. He coordinated the tribute to the Argentine actor and author Eduardo Pavlovsky. This event was scheduled in Buenos Aires in November 2017, and included many testimonies of French artists, photos and documents, excerpts from pieces recorded by France Culture. He received the Don Quijote Festival Translation Award, from the Lyon Theater Authors Conference, and the Teatro del Mundo Award, awarded by the Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires.

Zouberi Ben Bouchta (Morocco). Playwright, screenwriter and cultural manager. He trained in Theater Writing at the Al-Maâmura Center in Rabat and at the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Paris, under the direction of Chrif Khandar (1987). In 1997 he made an initiatory stay in The making of documentary cinema in the Parisian workshops Varan, which culminated in the realization of the short film An invisible hand on Goussainville. He trained in dramaturgy under the assistance of the English writer April de Angelis of the Royal Court Theater that organized the Andalusian Theater Center, Teatro Alhambra in Granada (1999). She also obtained a scholarship for a stay at the City of Arts in Paris in 2011. In the early 2000s she worked with the American director Allen Stuart (1920-2011) on an artistic stay at the La MaMa theater in Manhatan (New York) , where he elaborated the story of Ahmed Yacobi The night before thinking. Winner of the Prize of the Union of Writers of Morocco, of Young Creators in 1992 with his play The octopus and the prize for the best dramatic text at the National Festival of Moroccan Theater in Meknés, twice, in 2004 and 2008, for his works Lala Y’mila Y White feet. He was honored in Tunisia in the 14th edition of the Theater Days of Carthage (2009).

The suitcase and the frost (1993) and The cage (1996), followed by Red fire (2006), to which
other dramatic works happened that achieved much more fame for their diffusion, reception and representation among which stand out: Shakespeare Street (2017), Tinjitanus (2015), The naked bread man (2014), and Tangier Hotel, a trilogy composed of three works, Sing, wave !, Lala Y’mila, Y Shakespeare Street. In 2009 he published the book of literary testimonies Hafa coffee, a loneliness among the crowd and in 2003, co-authored with Yahya Ibn Ualid, publishes Dialogue with Mohamed Chukri. He currently serves as director of the Cultural and Artistic Space Riad Sultan at the Kasbah of Tangier, which will open in 2020. He attends the VII Meeting of Authors with Translators invited by the SGAE Foundation through the PICE program of AC / E and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of the Embassy of Spain in Morocco and the Dramatic Center
National (CDN-INAEM).

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