01-18-2020 | Cs

The vice mayor of Madrid says that whenever Cs is in a government, 'what we do and what we try to do is improve the situation and quality of life of citizens'

"As a liberal party we recognize all the diversity of society and that implies educating in values." This was stated by the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, during her intervention before the media before participating in an event in Ciudad Lineal. "It is exactly what we have always proposed," he added.

"Freedom has a lot to do with accepting that we are a plural society," Villacís has added to remind that Cs always defends a line of strategy that has to do with "respect, freedom and diversity." In this sense, the vice mayor of Madrid has defended that the orange party considers that "education is fundamental" and "everyone has to acquire those values."

Villacís has insisted that whenever his training is present in a Government, “what we do and what we try to do, is to improve the situation and the quality of life of citizens”.

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