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The deputy mayor of Madrid highlights that the best government program has been achieved with 80 measures focused on lowering taxes and accessibility to affordable housing

"Citizens lead a new stage in Madrid with a liberal and moderate government that will work for all Madrid," has been pronounced the councilor of Cs elected Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, after the approval of the agreement reached by Citizens (Cs ) and the PP to govern the consistory of the capital.

Villacís, who has congratulated José Luis Martínez Almeida for his proclamation as mayor, said that, from the City Council, will govern "thinking of the neighbors" and working "in each district and each neighborhood" with the aim of ensuring "the freedom and equality for all people from Madrid ". "We want to restore the prestige that corresponds to the capital of Spain," said Villacís, "ending four years of populism."

The deputy mayor of Madrid has stressed that, with a sensible and liberal government, the people of Madrid will live "much better" and stressed that it has managed to configure "the best project for the capital." "I want to work for a free, open and diverse city in Madrid", Villacís added, calling for an end to inequality and hoping that, within four years, "this is one of the cities where it is easier to start and find employment" .

The agreement of government in the consistory, made in eighty measures, will have as main lines the initiatives raised by the orange party in its program: low taxes, support and defense of the family and of LGTBI + rights, fight against squatting, ease for access to nursery schools and commitment to eradicate gender violence.

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