11-24-2019 | Cs

The vice mayor of Madrid has presented 'Madrid Green Capital' a series of activities that involve the city in the fight against climate change

“I am worried about how the territorial crisis and the economic crisis will be addressed,” said the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, while indicating that she would like us to “do it with a great pact and a solid majority of the three parties that believe in Spain ”. "I would like the PSOE to believe more in Spain and look for other travel companions," he said.

In the presentation of "Madrid Green Capital", Villacís has acknowledged that "Sánchez has already chosen partners" since "it has taken a quarter of an hour to reach an agreement with United We Can". Along these lines, the Madrid parliamentarian has stressed that "Sánchez would do badly to deceive himself" since "ERC asks for the usual: a table of parties and a rapporteur." On this situation, the head of the Secretariat of Municipal Citizens Policy (Cs) has proposed “a great pact between the liberal party, PSOE and PP, based on reforms and not armchairs,” a proposal that Villacís said “would save Spain from a situation and a government that will not face the great challenges of the country, but will deepen them. ”

Villacís has also taken the opportunity to emphasize that "we are proud of the presentation of 'Madrid Green Capital' because very few cities can say that they have organized an event of this magnitude in record time." The vice mayor of Madrid has said that "this initiative will include different activities that precede the great climate summit held in the capital." In addition, he has moved that "the name of Madrid will travel the world linked to the commitment to the fight against climate change."

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