07-15-2019 | Cs

The general secretary of Cs announces the call for primaries in Catalonia to elect a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat in case of holding early elections

"Citizens meet and reach agreements throughout Spain while Sanchez continues without doing his job to form a government with his preferred partners." This has been stated by the Secretary General of Citizens (Cs), José Manuel Villegas, after the meeting of the Permanent Committee at the national headquarters of the party.

"Almost three months after the general elections, Sanchez has not done his job and still does not form a government with his preferred partners," Villegas said, adding that "it is worrisome to call a new round of consultations," since "we need a government that begins to work "to" allow us to exercise our work from the opposition. " The secretary general of the orange training has also pointed out that "in Citizens we have fulfilled our responsibility with the signing of regional and municipal agreements" that include "liberal policies, reforms, tax reductions and the improvement of public policies".

Villegas has also announced the "convocation of primaries to elect the candidate of the party to the Generalitat", before a possible in front of elections in Catalonia. "On July 18 and 19, candidacies may be presented" and voting shall be held on days 24, 25 and 26 "of the same month. Also, the deputy of the liberal training has explained that "in the General Council to be held on the 29th will be put to vote the expansion of 40 to 50 the maximum number of members of the Executive Committee" and will make an "assessment of the political course " "A party that grows, deserves to expand its organs" because "after the electoral processes we govern in 400 municipalities throughout Spain," concluded the general secretary of Cs.

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