10-18-2019 | Cs

The secretary general of Cs insists on the proposal to send more members of the FCSE to 'stop the violence and regain control'

"Keeping Torra at the helm of Catalonia is an irresponsibility on the part of the Government." This was stated by the Secretary General of Citizens (Cs), José Manuel Villegas, in an interview granted to the ‘Las Mañanas de RNE’ program. "The only way to get the president of the Generalitat is by applying 155", said the candidate of the orange formation.

"In Catalonia a sabotage of the rights of a majority is taking place and Torra is the one who will flag it," Villegas said when referring to the general strike day on Friday. "It cannot be that the head of the Generalitat leads demonstrations and cuts roads," he said. Given the serious situation that is happening these days, the secretary general of Cs has again insisted on the need to strengthen the number of troops of State Security Forces and Corps to "try to regain control."

"We cannot deliver the street to the violent," he said. In this sense, Villegas has confirmed that Cs will be present on October 27 at the demonstration called by Catalan Civil Society. In addition, he recalled that this Sunday his training has called a concentration at Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona.

Villegas has defended that in Spain "it takes height of sight" to end the blockade. Therefore, the secretary general of the liberal formation has recalled the commitment of his party to "solve the serious problems of the country and implement it."

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