06-10-2019 | Cs

The general secretary of Cs ensures that 'the change will come because Citizens is decisive'

"Our proposal is for policies for real changes, we are not in a negotiation of exchange of stickers," said the Secretary General of Citizens (Cs), José Manuel Villegas, who recalled that the Liberal Party "has no vetoes if not lines of action approved by the Executive ".

Villegas recalled that "the change will come because Citizens is decisive" with "policies of democratic regeneration, to promote economic growth, help families and the self-employed and eliminate the beach bars." He has launched "a message of tranquility to the citizens" because "as of Saturday there will be city councils set up to carry out remodeling policies".

The Secretary General of the Liberal Party has stressed that the work in the negotiations "is based on programmatic proposals" to "know if there is room for these agreements" and in that case "explore and continue working to see who will implement the policies." And he recalled that "they are slow processes because important things are decided for citizens".

In relation to tomorrow's meeting with Sanchez, Villegas has reiterated that there will be "no surprise" because "we are going to transfer the same as we told the Spanish, no vote to Cs will be Sanchez to be president neither active nor passive " "It will not count on our vote or abstention," he added.

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