Violante Tomás durante su intervención.

The senator for Murcia has assured that the appointment of Pablo Iglesias as head of Disability policies "was not good news"

"Mr. Iglesias, I have to admit that your presence here today has left me very surprised, because if you had a modicum of political decency, you would have resigned yesterday," this is how the senator of the GPP in the Senate, Violante, began her speech. Tomás, in the appearance of the 2nd vice president, Pablo Iglesias, in the Commission on Comprehensive Policies for Disability.

The GPP spokesperson continued her criticism of the 2nd vice president, recalling that Unidos Podemos is being investigated for irregular financing, “and it is added that the judge investigating the Dina Case asked the Supreme Court to indict yourself for three crimes: disclosure of secrets, aggravated by gender, computer damage and false report ”.

For the GPP spokesperson on Disability policies, after such a serious accusation, Pablo Iglesias continues to hold on to his chair “when for matters less serious than this, your party and yourself have asked for the resignation of members of other parties. Well, you, your party, Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE, and yet nothing happens now ”.

"I have not listened to the women of Unidos Podemos or the Socialist Party," Violante Tomás criticized and asked herself, "What about the Minister of Equality? What does Mrs. Montero think? Have they all become silent? .

To end these words of admonition to Iglesias, Violante Tomás reminded him that "he came to politics to regenerate it and it has remained in the sewers."


Entering the matter of the Commission, the GPP spokesperson commented that the appointment of Pablo Iglesias, as the person responsible for Disability policies, "was not good news." For the senator, assuming this responsibility has been a means of implanting a rancid and dangerous communism "that has brought misery, hunger and repression."

He recalled the cases of Monedero, insulting hemophiliacs and Echenique, condemned for not registering his caregiver with Social Security, describing both cases as "political corruption" and wondering "what the Code of Ethics of Podemos says" about these cases.

Violante Tomás has referred to the announcement of the Ministry, which is going to cut, drastically, the financing of the state NGOs of Social Action, as well as the reduction of 0.7% of the Corporation Tax.

"Are you going to go ahead with this cut in personal income tax for Third Sector entities? If so, are you planning to compensate them with other financing or are you simply going to make them insolvent so that they are more vulnerable and, therefore, easier to manage? Are you going to compensate them with other financing or are you going to leave them insolvent, more vulnerable and easier to handle? he asked the vice president.


Tomás Olivares has disfigured the vice president by the government's waste: “Three in one. Mrs. Carcedo took alone the competitions of Health, Consumption and Well-being, but like the public money, according to Mrs. Calvo, it is nobody's, well, without problems, to pay for the feast ”and also recalled the number of ministries, the 29 secretaries of state, 48 undersecretaries, 130 general directorates, etc., to conclude that “the greatest health and social crisis of the last century is managed by the government with the highest positions and that it costs all Spaniards the most.

The senator for Murcia has reminded the appearing party that there are more than 815,000 families that have not yet accessed the IMV and has asked him what he says to those families, can you sleep peacefully knowing the suffering of hundreds of thousands of homes? Violante Tomás criticizes that the "Social Shield has become a badge".


On Monday, it jumped to the media that National Security warned the president, at least 11 times, of the threat of Covid-19 between January and March. "More than 10 alerts from the Department of Homeland Security about the severity of the coronavirus before and you allowed demonstrations, rallies, mass acts," the popular senator assured and asked "what kind of government is one that does not protect citizens, the most vulnerable such as the elderly or people with disabilities? ”.

Violante Tomás Olivares has asked the vice president to sit down with CERMI on a regular basis, "take note of their demands, get to work to carry out what they ask of you, that is what we do from the Popular Party" and has assured that the CERMI is a benchmark for the PP and they work together with him to improve the lives of more than 3,800,000 families that have a person with a disability in their midst.

To end her second speech at the Disability Commission, the popular senator has referred to employment and has ensured that the PP takes care and works for "the future of people with disabilities."

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