The regional and provincial deputies of VOX in Zaragoza have moved to the area of ​​Nonaspe and Caspe. Santiago Morón and Carlos Rodrigo have paid a visit to the Rafales dried fruit factory in Nonaspe. A family business that has not wanted to lose its roots in the land. Despite having had attractive offers to establish itself in other locations.

Its owners, Diego and Raimundo, as well as Pablo, Diego's son, are an example of entrepreneurship. With a constant desire to improve, to set goals for growth and improvement. Beyond simple economic performance.

There are three generations that have known how to adapt to the times in which they have lived. More and more open to the national and international market. And with a commitment to modernization and innovation in the preparation of its final product, the almond. During the visit to the factory, they explained to the deputies their wishes for improvements to the roads for heavy trucks.

After the visit to the factory, there was a meeting in the town hall of the town with the mayor of Nonaspe. Throughout the meeting, the mayor transferred his claims for more frequencies on the trains and the treatment plant, because they do not have one.

The visit continued in Caspe, with a meeting with affiliates in the area and a visit to the Adidas store in the town.

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