Vocational Education and Training and the autonomous communities agree to maintain the duration of the school year until June

This was decided at the Sectorial Conference on Education held by videoconference and chaired by the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, and in which the Secretary of State for Education, Alejandro Tiana; the general secretary for Vocational Training, Clara Sanz, the undersecretary of the MEFP, Fernando Gurrea, and the counselors for Education of all the autonomous communities.

"The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training recognizes and appreciates the enormous effort being made by students, families and teachers. No student will miss the course due to this exceptional situation. Our main objective is to take care of people and towards they direct the decisions that we have taken, "assured Minister Isabel Celaá.

The MEFP and the autonomous communities have agreed that, so that the students do not miss the course and can continue to advance in their training, taking into account in a special way the situation of the most vulnerable, the evaluation will be continuous, the promotion of the course will be the general rule and the degree must be the usual practice for those students who finish 4th of ESO or 2nd of Baccalaureate and FP. A decision that, in any case, will be made by the faculty as a whole.

This third quarter that has just started will be used for recovery, review and reinforcement with globalizing and interdisciplinary activities and duly tutored. The activity will focus on the essential learning and skills, avoiding overloading the students. In the event that distance training is maintained, the necessary resources and support will be mobilized so that teachers carry out their work in the best possible conditions.

In addition, during this period, the administrations and educational centers will make a special effort to identify the students who are not connected and will prepare specific plans for the recovery of the school bond and reinforcement that will help them rejoin the educational activity as soon as possible.

Once the course is over, during the summer, the administrations will organize or support the carrying out of voluntary reinforcement activities combined with recreational activities, counting on the volunteer competition and in contact with the educational centers and their teachers.

With a view to the next academic year, the MEFP and the autonomous communities have agreed that the educational administrations, the centers and the teaching staff will organize plans for the recovery and adaptation of the curriculum and educational activities, which allow all students to advance and especially the most laggards.

As agreed at the previous sectoral conference, held in late MarchThe EVAU / EBAU will be held between June 22 and July 10 in an ordinary call and before September 10 in an extraordinary call, as long as the evolution of the pandemic allows it.

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