Three deputies of VOX in the Valencian Courts have abandoned, before it ended, the inauguration of the new Government delegate of the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, for his partisan and radical discourse.

José Mª Llanos and Llanos Massó, deputy spokesmen for VOX in the Valencian Courts, and Ana María Cerdán, deputy of VOX for Alicante, have attended this afternoon the inauguration of Gloria Calero as the new delegate of the Valencian Community. During the event, which was attended by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, the delegate has already broken down in his speech the 2030 agenda, in which he pointed out the Government's objectives for the next decade.

For José Mª Llanos, “the government delegate has made a completely feminist radical speech, putting Pedro Sánchez in the clouds, and has had the shamelessness to criticize all the previous politicians as if they were going to save Spain" In addition, the VOX deputy spokesman has stated that “It has been a partisan takeover, an absolute nonsense. It is a takeover of an institutional position that, although it is the PSOE, is a delegate of the Government, not of the Socialist Party, so it governs for all. We do not understand how PP and Citizens have remained in the act, being complicit, with their presence, of this radical discourse"

Finally, the deputies have left the event when Gloria Calero has given the floor to Ábalos, after praising him as “one of the most solvent politicians in Spanish politics”, and without mentioning his meetings with Delcy Rodríguez. "It is a shame to have to listen, in an institutional act, to a partisan, radical and full of praise speech to a person who has been shown to have met with one accused of crimes against humanity and corruption, and who is also prohibited, no longer only step on Spanish soil, but fly in Schengen space”, Concluded Llanos.

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