All political groups, with the exception of VOX, which has abstained, have approved the Municipal Protocol of Coordinated Action for the Comprehensive Care of Women Victims of Gender Violence in the Permanent Committee of the People and Sustainable Economic Development.

VOX continues to insist that "gender violence" does not exist and that the law of the same name discriminates against one sex from another. VOX has always promoted the promulgation of a “Domestic Violence Law”That protects the elderly, men, women and children alike. Also since VOX the suppression of subsidized "radical feminist organizations" is called for as well as the effective prosecution of false accusations.

This does not mean, as most high-paying media want to sell, that VOX does not acknowledge the existence of family violence against women and joins any effort to eradicate it, but not through useless subsidized beach bars since the more money is allocated to the problem, administered by them, the more cases of violence occur.

Luciano Ferrer: "VOX It will never renounce its principles or its fight against the gender perspective and the discrimination of men over women, we do believe in equality "

In the Permanent Plenary Commission on Sustainability and Land Management, held one hour after the previous one, the Proposal for the election of the President of the Permanent Plenary Commission for Sustainability and Land Management has been approved, a position that has fallen to Councilor José Luis López Ibáñez.

In the last plenary committee of the day, the one corresponding to the Interior Government, VOX has criticized the appearance, once again, of REC with an unfavorable technical report for an amount of around two million euros.

The REC, extrajudicial recognition of credit, is configured as an exceptional procedure, leading to the conversion of acts that according to the legal system are null and void.

Luciano Ferrer: "Once again, the Municipal Government team makes habitual what should be exceptional"

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