San Fernando, September 25, 2020. – The VOX spokesperson in San Fernando, Carlos Zambrano, has lamented the discredit that, in his opinion, has suffered the party of the proclamation of the Cortes and accuses the government team of turning it into "a mere act of internal party propaganda”.

For Zambrano, a sample of the manipulation of the islanders festival it is, for example, that "in more than twenty minutes of speech, the mayor will only pronounce the word Constitution once, thus eliminating, de facto, the real meaning that our party has and for which we islanders are very proud", he says. Zambrano who also regrets that the military presence has been relegated to the minimum expression”.

“In these years of socialist government, there has been talk of cinema, climate change has been talked about or journalists from the SER network have been recognized, in short, the mayor has made her own film to make these recognitions of the city, some PSOE awards to their ‘friends’ and, in this way, buy votes with a view to the next elections ”, points out the VOX mayor.

Likewise, Zambrano regrets that the meeting with the world of cinema was not held in the city but in the Provincial Council and qualifies as "Reprehensible attitude"Relegate the representatives of VOX and PP to a corner of the theater "Just because we have different ideologies, putting their friends before more than 3,000 islanders who voted for us in the municipal elections."

“Cavada is turning September 24 into a mere personal propaganda campaign that takes advantage of thank the votes of certain groups”, Assures the mayor. "Gone are years in which the constitutional work of Adolfo Suárez, King Juan Carlos I or the parents of the Constitution, people who have worked by constitutional principles, was recognized."

Finally, the spokesperson for VOX San Fernando assures that the manipulation in which the local institution is subjected is “shameful, where favoritism and front politics comes first, leaving aside social commitment, participation and transparency ”, concludes Zambrano.

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