The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Angels Servant, has accused Compromís, and the entire Botanico, of creating gender bars as they please to continue wasting the money of all Valencians.

The VOX deputy has been forceful in expressing her disagreement with the Proposition No. of Law (NLP) presented by Compromís regarding promoting gender equality in culture by incorporating a specific budget line for this. "This is just another chiringuito, With which it is falling. This NLP is an insult to women and their dignity and is discriminatory, in addition to the fraudulent use they make of the money of the Valencians is painful while there are other burning questions to which they do not spend a moment”.

As Criado has explained: "For Compromís, women are inferior to men and that is why Compromís thinks that they should be helped to make them equal to men." And it has affected the fact that the initiative says the Valencian Country: "There is a typo; They talk about the Valencian Country that does not exist, because the only country that exists here is Spain”. The deputy has insisted that culture does not have sex and has regretted that the left wants to generate a war of the sexes.

"Didn't Isaac Guillén deserve protection?"

Regarding the NLP of the PSOE on accompanying persons of women survivors of gender violence with disabilities, The VOX deputy recalled Isacc Guillén, the disabled cop in the Valencian town of Godelleta who was murdered in the most cruel way by his wife to collect his pension upon death.

“You were invited to a minute of silence to which you did not attend. His NLP is a real shame and nonsense. They do not care about people, but their ideology. Didn't Isaac deserve protection and help? Talking about gender politics is the same as saying confrontation and death. If you really care about disabled people, look for all of them: women, men and children ”. Criado has described this initiative as being another chiringuito in which to waste the money of all Valencians.

On the other hand, regarding the Proposition No of Law of Unides Podem on the prevention of biphobia, Ángeles Criado has accused this party of inventing phobias that only exist in your imagination. “On your list of phobias, now is biphobia's turn. Soon we will witness a drip of phobic NLP, with no end in sight, in which all the modalities will appear except the heterophobia, which is the one you have. I can think of others that do not enter their lists: Criatianophobia, Familiaphobia, Vidofobia, Libertofobia, Equalityphobia … Even VOXFobia …”.

The Valencian parliamentarian has advised Podemos to stop getting into the bed of citizens and focus on the important problems that must be solved, such as “good health care, financial problems, care in centers for the elderly and minors”.

"The left hates everything that Spain represents"

He also added that the objective of the left is “transform society through its hatred of everything that Spain represents, a country of Christian roots and evangelizer, a country of freedom and equality”. And he has specified that “for this they do not hesitate create phobias and more phobias and hate crimes, so that nobody dares to go against his unique thought. Stop biphobias, lesbianphobias, homophobias, transphobias and do not cause more heterophobia”.

VOX has voted against the PP initiative on the protection of minors exposed to gender violence, understanding that it supports gender ideology. “Either you support the family or you support the gender ideology. They are not compatible. The PP supports the destruction of the family with their support for gender ideology, they blame men for being men. It's the cowardly right who despises family. Violence has no gender. Violence is domestic. For VOX, any child subjected to domestic violence is worthy of the maximum protection”.

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