• Alert that "Seville has all its social centers overflowing and concentrated in the Macarena neighborhood, where social conflicts of great depth, insecurity and dirt have been generated in the streets after being converted into a ghetto
  • He accuses the Government "of not having a real plan to deal with the migratory invasion of the Canary Islands, beyond improvisation and a misunderstood good spirit that deepens the effect called and puts the safety and health of the Spanish at risk"

Seville, November 25, 2020. The VOX deputy for Seville Reyes Romero he has accused the Government of lying after learning about the transfer to Seville of some thirty immigrants from the Canary Islands.

Romero, has stated that "the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska He has once again lied to the Spanish as evidenced by the transfer of immigrants to Seville the same day in which he stated that there would be no movements of immigrants from the Canary Islands to the peninsula, in one more twist to the deranged immigration policy of the Government whose only solution so far is the naval blockade of the islands by the Spanish Navy ”.

"Now we find about thirty immigrants in the city of Seville, transferred at night and in the most absolute of secrets and, what is worse, without knowing the real identity of all of them, their countries of origin, their intentions, the state of health of all of them, where they are going to stay and until when ”.

The vice president of Social Affairs at VOX has also added that “we do not know the real reasons for the transfer of these 30 immigrants to Seville, a city with all its social services dedicated to immigrants and the homeless absolutely overwhelmed for years", While he recalled that"These social centers are concentrated in a certain neighborhood, such as La Macarena, generating social problems of great importance, insecurity and dirt on the streets. turning this populous Sevillian neighborhood into a kind of ghetto completely abandoned by the authorities ”.

"The subdelegate of the Government in Seville, Carlos Toscano, is a recognized sanchista and the mayor of the capital, Juan Espadas, points to all the initiatives taken and to have to attract the attention of Pedro Sánchez in his career to lead Andalusian socialism and one day become a candidate for the presidency of the Board, so both have put a red carpet for Sánchez so that Seville is the first peninsular destination for immigrants who are invading the Canary Islands ".

Reyes Romero pointed out that “urgently, Minister Marlaska must appear to answer all the questions that are accumulating, but above all because we are certain: the Government lies again to the Spaniards to whom it says one thing and does the opposite, so it might be thought that in reality they have no plan to face this serious situation, beyond improvisation and a misunderstood good spirit that deepens in the effect called and puts the safety and health of the Spanish at risk ", it is finished.

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