The president and deputy spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Jose Maria Llanos, today accused the president of the Consell, Ximo Puig, from govern against the interests of the Valencians and has regretted that the Valencian Government continues "with his sectarian roadmap, with his ideological propaganda and showering his friends with subsidies on account of the money of all Valencians”.

José María Llanos reminded the President of the Generalitat on Valencian health disaster where Primary Care is in revolt, with overcrowded health centers and long waiting lists. “It is not just about saving lives, but about governing well and managing better”.

He also reminded Puig of the tragedy they are going through the hoteliers and merchants Valencians and has made reference to hunger tails because, as he has indicated, “there are Valencians who have to choose between paying for heating and electricity or eating”.

José María Llanos has wondered why are mass tests not carried out and those infected are isolated to prevent the spread of the virus, and better care is provided to the sick.

It has also made the president of the Consell ugly that the Botanist has rejected two VOX proposals such as the installation of air purifiers in schools and the acquisition of antigen tests for schools. Two proposals that the left rejected but that days later were adopted and assumed as their own. "They copy us”Said Llanos.

Discriminatory treatment of the Minister of Universities

Likewise, Jose Maria Llanos It has also made the Minister of Universities ugly, Carolina Pascual, their discriminatory treatment at the university after implementing a Mednight, within the framework of the European Night of Researchers of the European Union, aimed exclusively at female researchers. “They are causing discrimination with serious consequences; In any scientific initiative there is room for men and women who will stand out for their excellence or not, because the university is the university of knowledge. Investigators' night is everyone's night ”.

José María Llanos has given as an example that the Ministry of Equality of Mónica Oltra have among your high positions five men and one woman. "This is not a sin, I imagine that what Oltra has done is to choose the most capable and has not asked them if they are men or women”.

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