The councilor of the VOX Municipal Group in the Vall de Uxó Town Hall, Marina Peirats, Has got the unanimous support of all political groups municipal to install informational or educational radars in conflictive points of the urban area and thus achieve increase road safety in the locality.

The councilor of VOX in Vall de Uxó, Marina Peirats, defended during the plenary session the proposal attending to the needs of the neighbors, who increasingly use the private vehicle to carry out their daily activities. Vall de Uxó, as explained Peirats, “Is a municipality where the maximum speed in the urban area is limited to 30 kilometers per hour, so for VOX it is absolutely essential to inform drivers and do pedagogy with the installation of a series of informative radars in certain conflictive points ”.

The purpose, as detailed Peirats, "It is to indicate to drivers the speed at which they are circulating and in case of exceeding the limits, invite them to reduce that speed without this measure having a tax collection effort, but simply informative and call for attention”.

The motion has been valued positively by all the political forces of the consistory, which is why it went ahead. "VOX is working by and for the residents of Vall de Uxó, we want to be useful to citizens and for us it is a great achievement that our ideas and proposals are well received by the rest of the parties attending to the benefit that they suppose for the citizens and not to the ideological interests ”, has affirmed the mayor of VOX Marina Peirats.

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