Luciano Ferrer, councilor and spokesperson for VOX in our City Council, has addressed the Mayor in writing explaining that after meditating on the situation and “since last weekend I was with Javier Ortega-Smith, which has tested positive for the coronavirus and, although I am perfectly today, I have decided not to attend the various commissions and the Board of Spokesmen that you will convene as a precaution, since with the coronavirus there is the fact of being a healthy carrier.

I think it is the most appropriate for responsibility towards you and the rest of the City Council workers. ”

Luciano Ferrer has asked the Mayor to keep him informed of the progress of municipal affairs.

At the time of writing the press release, the possibility of postponement of the Plenary Commissions planned for today was rumored and it is expected that a Board of Spokesmen will be held.

Amparo Marco has kindly replied to the message of Ferrer Thanking you infinitely for your decision and agreeing to keep you informed.

Luciano Ferrer She wanted to make public her thanks to the Mayor for her response.

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