The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, has assured today, during the plenary session, that extra pay to health workers for the pandemic "is late and is insufficient”And recalled that they have also shown their rejection of this measure all unions and health professionals themselves.

García has reproached the Botanist that, as always, they do everything “late and badly; so badly that this initiative is going to be carried out, even against the report of the Advocacy, which notifies the Ministry because it could see its already long queue of demands increased ”.

The VOX deputy has insisted that Spanish toilets are the lowest paid in the European Union and has claimed decent salaries for these professionals "because they are heroes."

Furthermore, he regretted that some of the staff are left out of this bonusHow are the professionals of the cleaning, the guards, employees of security and even some doctors of certain specialties, despite the fact that they were involved and overturned like the others against the virus.

More debt for entrepreneurs

On the other hand, the deputy Ana Maria Cerdán has shown its refusal to validate the Decree Law for the authorization in Fininval of the Valencian Resilience Fund in the face of the situation derived by Covid-19 and that includes an endowment of 10 million euros.

"Arrives late, very late because there are companies closed for nine months and eThis is very serious, too serious for our economy. What are they going to say to the hoteliers and merchants of the Valencian Community? That they have to keep getting into debt and keep paying interest on interest? ”.

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