The Vox Spokesperson in the Parliament of Cantabria, Cristóbal Palacio, has been critical of the document presented by the Executive, considering that "Only two projects have been proposed" because the rest of the ideas shown by the Government are "Smoke, air". “The PSOE has asked for the MUPAC and the PRC, La Pasiega; the rest, there is nothing ”.

The Deputy of Vox affirms that La Pasiega "It is the only project that the PRC has underway because they have been with it for 15 years and still have not processed”And notes that they will be "Incapable" to manage the project and make it effective "On the dates provided by Europe."

Regarding MUPAC, Palacio reflects that Cantabria "In a moment of crisis" like the current "You cannot afford to spend 80 million euros on a museum that already exists."

“We are gambling all the European economic recovery funds at two tricks and if we lose them we are left with nothing. It is irresponsible on the part of the Government because we will not be able to receive funds and, if we do, it will be in the initial phase and in a minimal amount ", underlines the Speaker.

Palace points out that "Other autonomous communities"They have been working on new proposals for years and these European grants"he has caught them working on them " while Cantabria "He does not have projects underway and he has to invent them." "The Government has not done its job when it should, which was four years ago, and it was the same Executive headed by Revilla. They are incompetent ”.

Finally, Cristóbal Palacio has harshly criticized the way in which the Government has presented the projects capable of attracting European funds, leaving Parliament as "A television set" when measurements "They should have been discussed in the House."

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