Faced with the proposal of the Confederal Left Group to close the Foreigners Internment Centers (CIE), debated in the Interior Commission, VOX has not only defended the need to maintain these centers but has also opted to reinforce the surveillance of the Spanish coasts , provide more resources to the State Security Forces and Bodies and put an end to “the good-natured policies of the Sánchez Government that have caused a knock-on effect. "We have thousands of illegal people who cannot work and who are condemned to live off pay or crime," the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has warned before the Confederal Left proposal that seeks that illegal immigrants can move uncontrollably across the country.

"Hundreds of these immigrants have reached our shores in boats or swimming, as happens in Ceuta and Melilla", Merelo recalled to add: "These immigrants respond to the effect called of the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, subsidized NGOs and mafias that operate with human trafficking in the Mediterranean ”. A situation in which, he recalled, VOX has repeatedly denounced that the work carried out by these mafias is to transport illegal immigrants on mother ships from Algeria, Libya or Morocco and abandon them in areas near the Spanish coast. "Meanwhile, the Government continues without exercising its political responsibilities in defense of our borders and without reviewing or expanding the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin", lamented the senator for Ceuta.

Merelo has pointed out how, despite the fact that the Ministry of the Interior has tripled subsidies to several African countries to contain irregular immigration, "many of these countries allow these vessels to leave their shores." "We cannot allow these countries to lower their guard before this exit as a measure of pressure on Spain to continue receiving more subsidies," he warned.

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