The councilor of VOX in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has held a meeting with the Casco Viejo Merchants Association to exchange different proposals for improving citizen life and transfer them to the Consistory to make them a reality.

The mayor has pointed out that “both the association and our training, we have a similar way of seeing the city in an attempt to re-fill it with life and to boost its commercial activity and services. To achieve this goal, we strongly agree on the need to create new car parks as close to the center as possible ”.

Specifically, the association "has transferred" to us its proposals for ‘Central Station’ and ‘Parking at Height’. With these projects “greater comfort would be offered” to those who come to do their shopping, but also to Alta Street, Cabildo de Arriba and Castilla-Hermida, whose neighbors “see their parking possibilities cut back” day by day, “without any other an alternative rather than storing the car and traveling by scooter, bicycle or by walking on foot ”.

"We consider the existence of these car parks essential to reactivate Santander and therefore from now on we will work hand in hand to achieve this objective", he declared.

Pérez-Cosío has also described as a "blunder" that the government team asks for money from European funds to build dissuasive car parks and force a change in citizen habits. It is about "solving a problem that already exists", the parking spaces in the center, which is where "they have been eliminated" and that "right now they are very necessary".

Complaints about ‘Santander Vale +’

On the other hand, merchants "have conveyed their discomfort to us" regarding the latest consignment of tickets from the ‘Santander Vale +‘ campaign. "They have told us that many of their customers have been unable to purchase vouchers, since the website had been down since 00:00 on Wednesday, December 2, the day on which the new ticket download period opened", has declared.

"With all this, the balance of this campaign, so necessary when it comes to helping local businesses immersed in this serious crisis situation, has generally been very satisfactory," said Pérez-Cosío.

Christmas lighting

The last topic discussed was Christmas lighting, a matter "in which we have also agreed", since they proposed to reduce it and allocate the savings to direct aid to trade, something that has been denied by the Government team, "but that in Vox we also supported ”.

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