Seville, October 8, 2020. The spokesperson for the VOX Municipal Group in the Alcalá de Guadaíra City Council, Juan Carlos Sanchez, has criticized the rise in salary of the Delegate of Social Services, Virginia Gil, agreed by the socialist Mayor of the town in the Governing Board last Friday.

"We consider it embarrassing, has assured Juan Carlos Sánchez, that in the delicate economic situation that we are going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the municipal government raises the salary of the delegate of Social Services claiming a reinforcement in the competences ".

"At Vox we like to call things by name and that is why we urge the socialist mayor, Ana Isabel Jiménez, to to recognize that behind this increase of 5,000 euros per year what really exists is a change in the nomenclature of the Delegation, which will now be called the Delegation of Social Services and Public Health and not an increase in competencies or responsibility as defended by Mrs. Jiménez ”.

From Vox Alcalá we want to recall that "since the constitution of the current corporation in June 2.019, this delegation held the competence in social services, defense and protection of public health", so "they are removed from the sleeve, as an argument to support the unjustified and untimely salary increase, a salary increase for one of the members of the municipal government ”. We remind the Mayor that "The competence in public health was not only already included in the catalog of those belonging to the delegation of social services, but in fact, they have been exercised by it.

For this reason, in our view, this is a “A joke rather than disguised as an alleged increase in skills, they justify a raise in salary for a delegate at a very delicate moment for society, where many families have not only had to tighten their belts but have had to resort to help to feed his family ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has asserted that "It is outrageous the zero sensitivity that is shown by the Mayor of the PSOE towards the citizens who are experiencing such difficult moments, as a consequence precisely of the terrible management that the pandemic has carried out by the government of the same party to which Mrs. Jiménez belongs ”.

“From Vox we are not going to allow people to continue laughing at the people of Alcala and we will be vigilant to denounce this type of attitudes that are a real insult to citizens ”, has concluded the spokesperson for Vox in the City of Alcalá.

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