“Broken glass, glass containers, food scraps, urine and painted on facades and street furniture are the unpleasant decoration with which the neighbors of Plaza Almotamid are forced to live daily, a situation that is aggravated on weekends, when the Plaza becomes the meeting point of a large group of young people, mostly from other neighborhoods, many of them minors, to drink alcohol until the wee hours of the morning, disturbing the rest of the neighbors ”, has declared Juan Carlos Sánchez, spokesperson for the VOX group in the Alcalá de Guadaira City Council.

Alcalá de Guadaira, February 13, 2020. The VOX municipal group in the City of Alcalá de Guadaira has denounced, in motion filed on the last day 10, the unsustainable situation in which the residents of Plaza Almotamid are, and has demanded that they be adopted by those responsible for the corresponding departments, urgently, the necessary measures to solve the serious problems of cleaning and citizen security that the area suffers, even proceeding to the installation of video surveillance cameras.

As explained by the spokesperson of the VOX municipal group, Juan Carlos Sánchez, “The most serious problem that this square presents is manifested above all on weekends and, especially, in periods of good weather, since it is the place where groups of young people regularly meet, mostly minors whose presence on the other hand, it would not be a problem if they maintained civic attitudes towards neighbors, who have to endure shouting and noise until late at night. ”

Sánchez, who visited Almotamid Square last week with the head of VOX Alcalá in the affected district and the rest of the members of the municipal group, stressed that “as the neighbors have moved us, they have been forced to go to the Police Local in innumerable occasions, that person in the place when it has sufficient troops, having proceeded several times to the identification of those present in the square and the withdrawal of alcoholic beverages by the authority; and even posters have been placed in the square urging young people to carry out a civic use of it, in a desperate attempt to solve the problem they are suffering, without getting anything, before on the contrary, if a neighbor has Daring to reprimand his behavior, the result has been insults and gruesome and threatening attitudes. ”

"In VOX Alcalá we are the voice of these neighbors, so we will defend their legitimate demands in the next plenary session through the motion presented by our municipal group," said the spokesman.

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