It states that VOX Alcalá has not formally received the request for the constitution of the Commission requested by the Popular Group, nor has it been required to date in order to show its support or adhere to it.

Alcalá de Guadaira August 7, 2020. VOX Alcalá de Guadaíra supports the creation of a commission of inquiry about the case of former socialist councilor, who held various positions of responsibility in the Municipal Government, with a dark web of companies in Panama.

In recent days, the press has echoed a series of news items that link the former socialist mayor José Manuel Rodríguez with various companies in Panama dedicated to the renewable energy sector, at the time he held positions in the City Council of Alcalá de Guadaira.

The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group, Juan Carlos Sánchez, has stated "The urgent need, for democratic health, to clarify the facts that would link this former PSOE councilor with alleged events that would be very serious if confirmed at all ends of the case published in the media."

“When there is public money, contracts, positions and companies involved, the PSOE is always a suspect element because experience tells us that when an element of suspicion has arisen, the normal thing is that the PSOE reaches into the box, as we well know in Alcalá de Guadaíra, in Seville and in Andalusia, where we are still waiting for the 680 million to be returned Euros of the Andalusian unemployed for which two presidents of the PSOE who were also sentenced to the Junta de Andalucía were sentenced ”.

"The people of Alcala deserve to know what happened, that the denounced events be clarified, the details of the files in which the former councilor Rodríguez has had an intervention. in the same way that The PSOE must become aware of the presence of VOX in the municipal corporation, where we will support all the proposals that are raised that have as their purpose the clarification of facts as serious as those that have appeared in the press, and it will show its adherence to them when we are required to do so, which to date has not happened with the matter at hand ”.

Regarding the content of the cited news, Sánchez affirms “it is the duty of all public officials to act with full transparency in the exercise of its functions and it is also obliged to offer as many clarifications and explanations as required. In line with this demand for transparency in public positions, in the last Control Commission held in the City Council, I asked the current Finance Delegate Mr. Mora for explanations regarding a news item published days ago related to the hiring of his wife by an entity that receives municipal grants; And in the same way, a question has been addressed to the Mayor in the July plenary session regarding whether she has asked her partner in government for any explanation or clarification in this regard, and whether the Municipal Government is going to offer the citizens an explanation or clarification on the content of said news ”, has concluded.

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