VOX Alcantarilla has had evidence of the prosecution of Raquel de la Paz, Government Councilor of the Popular Party in Alcantarilla, Deputy Mayor and in charge of the Municipal Finance and Human Resources.

It is an accusation of acts, supposedly, occurred in the exercise of their functions. Therefore, it is counterproductive for De la Paz to continue to hold public office and represent the citizens of our municipality.

VOX Alcantarilla requires the government team -formed by the Popular Party-, to apply the same measures given the seriousness of the events discussed with its councilors as those it proclaims with the rest of the parties when the prosecution of a public position within these.

For this reason we request the immediate resignation of Raquel De la Paz, or failing that, that Joaquín Buendía, Mayor of Alcantarilla, proceed to his immediate dismissal.

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