Alcantarilla is one of the municipalities that is fortunate to be equipped with a municipal swimming pool, a public facility necessary not only for its summer component but for the fact that it is in an area where the temperatures reached in summer justify more than enough need.

The pool is located in a privileged environment due to its extensive facilities, variety of pools, canteen, green areas and changing rooms with showers. However, and despite the fact that Alcantarilla is a municipality with approximately 42,000 inhabitants, the pool has been closed for more than a decade and its resigned neighbors are forced to move to neighboring districts in order to enjoy a pool.

The mayor of VOX in Alcantarilla, Aurora Ortega, requests the opening of these facilities or the rehabilitation of existing ones and has, among its initiatives, the collection of signatures through a new campaign. “If there are districts capable of keeping their public facilities open, from VOX we ask ourselves how it is possible that Alcantarilla, a municipality with its own town hall, is incapable of keeping the municipal pool open and allows these facilities to be abandoned and almost ruined. "Says Ortega.

The residents of Alcantarilla are tired of waiting summer after summer and suffering the incompetence of the government team. They have the right to have the pool, which belongs to the town, open again, instead of having to go to the districts that do ensure the well-being of its inhabitants and take care of keeping theirs open.
From VOX Alcantarilla we urge the government team to abandon the laziness that characterizes their position regarding this fact and to proceed to take measures for the rehabilitation of the municipal pool so that all the residents of the town can enjoy its facilities as and As they deserve.

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