The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Angels Servant, has alerted during the Equality Commission in which the vice president and councilor appeared, Monica Oltra, of the suicides of men motivated by false accusations and injustices caused by the gender violence law.

"Its gender ideology policies are causing suicides of men, and also of women, who unjustly and due to false accusations are left without what they most want: their children; and also without a house, they are left with nothing. In 2018 a total of 293 men committed suicide in the Valencian Community. Have you studied the cause of these deaths? The reason should be studied. In the Valencian Community 69 times more people die from suicide than from gender violence”.

Criado has stated that the Department of Equality should be called Regional Ministry of Cultural Marxism, the Absurd, Confrontation and Inequality. "You recently said that your Ministry should be called the Ministry of Life. How do you have the courage to say that? That is a mockery of all those children who are eliminated every year: 8,600 in the Valencian Community. Life is the opposite of what your Ministry defends, which brings abortion and euthanasia”.

The deputy for Valencia added that the Ministry of Mónica Oltra starts from absurd premises and reaches absurd occurrences. "It is absurd to make climate policy that integrates the gender variable because climate change affects girls more than boys… And it is absurd that self-perception is the basis for someone to be of one sex or another. Do the same with age, because many people would use this in order not to respond criminally. All this is absurd”.

Servant has reproached Oltra that he only cares impose their gender ideology and criminalize men with the sole purpose of perpetrate himself in power and keep his chair and has accused her of govern according to your own interests and those of his party and not those of the Valencians.

He has also stated that the laws promoted by the Botanist are an assault on freedom and equality; They do not contemplate all the victims, they discriminate against the man they leave no presumption of innocence; indoctrinate to minors; they generate confrontation, division Y struggle of the sexes; they attack the family; attack life; they blame the man for the fact of being and victimize the woman; useless laws that are useless because they are not reducing the number of victims.

For Criado, the Botanical policies, in this sense, only serve to wasting citizens' money on beach bars. "Its laws use groups such as women or the LGTBI to obtain political gain, and proof of this was the convocation of last March 8 to which thousands of deceived women attended, putting their health at risk”.

Pernicious laws

The VOX deputy has ensured that these laws "they are pernicious and destroy the innocence of children, the harmony and the union between all; family and life”.

In addition, it has ugly Oltra who blame the ‘oppressive heteropatriarchy ' of women's deaths and that blame the man for everything calling him violent, murderous, abusive and macho. "Why not analyze the true causes of these deaths and how drugs, alcohol, psychological and psychiatric pathologies influence?”.

He also reminded the councilor that she lives in Spain and not in a country where women are subject by law to the will of men. "That does not exist in Spain”, Has asserted.

Criado has stated that “At VOX we think that men and women are equal, they are complementary”. And he has asked the vice president and councilor if for her man is a kind of beast, a wild animal, an abuser, a rapist and a potential murderer. "I wonder why it doesn't protect all victims of domestic violence equally. ¿Why the statistics do not include the attacks of mothers to children, or of women to men? Show me a single law in Spain that discriminates against women compared to men”.

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