Farmers currently manage their pruning waste through crushing for composting mainly, but this process has a cost that not everyone can assume since there are a large number of small plantations in the municipality that do not generate benefits for this. Traditionally these remains were burned, but due to current regulations this behavior is punishable, so the Municipal Group VOX Alhama de Murcia decided to look for alternatives for Alhameño farmers.

Finally, and after debating an initial proposal modified several times in order to comply with the law and provide real and effective solutions, the councilor of the GM VOX Alhama, Silvia Núñez, got the commitment of all the groups to carry out the management of this waste in the next year by the City Council through the allocation of a budget item that gives farmers the possibility of leaving their pruning remains in assigned places by the same, distributed throughout the exterior area of ​​the municipality and that the consistory is responsible for removing and managing them.

Núñez thanked the support and contributions of all the municipal groups "since we have come to provide solutions to the residents, we believe that in municipal policy we must debate and reach consensus", adding: "Unfortunately, this has not been the general tone of this government team and we hope that they have realized their mistake so that from now on the opposition will be heard ”.

There have been several times when opposition groups have complained about the lack of active listening by the PSOE, which even went so far as to withdraw all opposition proposals before the June plenary session. "We hope that after the holidays this will not happen again, Alhameños have the right to hear all the proposals in plenary," he said. Carolina Martínez, Spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX Alhama de Murcia.

The month of August will be a month of internal work for VOX, which will continue to be aware of the current affairs of the municipality marked by the Covid-19 and will begin with the proposals for the budgets of the next financial year.

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