On December 6, VOX Alicante took to the streets, more of 300 people have met in the La Montañeta square at 12:00 hours to defend The Constitution, basic pillar of our coexistence and Parliamentary monarchyBoth are a guarantee of unity as a nation and prosperity and are seriously threatened.

At this crucial moment in which the Spanish suffer the effects of a pandemic and its consequences, the health and social crisis where you live, next to the inability of the government social-communist that bleaches separatism and to inheritors of terrorism, Spain faces an ongoing threat of process of rupture of the constitutional order.

For this reason, this act consisted of the reading of a manifesto by the national deputy Mr. Manuel Mestre Barea, then different articles of the Constitution were read, chosen for their meaning, such as the Right to liberty, the separation of powers, the Education rights, the Right to life, the Spain Unit, the Equality and the well-being of Spaniards, Castilian as official language, ideological and religious freedom….

And is that Alicante stands up to totalitarianism, in the face of the reduction of freedoms and rights and in the face of the imposition of this Government, which fractures Spain.

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