The VOX Political Group in Alicante Town Hall will require the creation of an office attached to the Department of Education, led by the "popular" Julia Llopis, which will aim to Advice to Alicante families on the rights they have in education before the educational policies of the governments of Pedro Sánchez and Ximo Puig.

In the words of the Speaker of the Abascal formation, Mario Ortolá, “We are at a critical moment for the freedoms of Alicante families as we find ourselves in an autonomous community where our predominant language, Spanish, will be cornered by the Celaá Law as it has already been attacked by the Consell's linguistic policies. Many families do not know what the situation is and the rights they have as parents in the face of the continuous abuse they suffer from the Public Administrations. Alicante is a city where the left has lost the municipal elections and we must combat the ideological impositions of an extreme left -PSOE, Podemos and Compromís- that has no brake when it comes to promoting division in society and ideological imposition in schools. . We must confront, with all the resources at our disposal, the creation in the Valencian Community of a climate of confrontation such as the one that led Catalonia to suffer a coup in 2017. The capital of the province must play a fundamental role to stop the advance of separatism and the City Council, in the face of these totalitarian positions of the central and autonomous government, must serve as a platform to fight against its impositions ”.

"We must also inform families of the educational freedoms contained in article 27 of the Spanish Constitution, which includes the right of parents for their children to receive religious and moral training that is in accordance with their own convictions. Parents need to know what procedures to follow and where to go to choose the type of education that the administration will give their children. The State cannot and should not impart ideological and moral content to children that violates the principles and values ​​of families. If, for example, parents do not want their children to be trained in sex education, they must know the appropriate mechanisms to avoid it, "said the councilor."

This is one of the measures that VOX will put on the table of the Popular Party and Citizens to achieve sufficient support to carry out the 2021 Budgets, together with proposals related to alleviating the economic and social effects of the pandemic, to improve the improvement the situation of some of the city's neighborhoods and, as Ortolá himself announced in the Plenary of the Debate on the State of the City, to provide content to the Family Council created after the 2019 municipal elections but lacking any type of activity.

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