VOX Almeria condemns and deeply regrets desecration of parish of San Agustín, belonging to the municipality of El Ejido.

The party trusts that the Civil Guard, after the investigations, will be able to arrest the culprits and pay for it.

From this political formation we have been denouncing the attacks that the Catholic Church has been receiving in the face of inaction and lack of reaction from other political parties.

In the same way, we thank the parishes the work they have been doing in providing social assistance to the population that is suffering the consequences of the economic crisis derived from the mismanagement of the current government against the Pandemic.

Who are capable of attack religious feelings of the others, they will not respect political ideas either, as has been made clear in more than 130 attacks that VOX has suffered since the legislature began and that include attacks on elected officials, members, sympathizers, attacks on headquarters and damage to the properties of members of this political party.

We hope that the rest of the formations join the VOX condemnation the attack on the San Agustín parish in El Ejido and do not keep an accomplice silence as has happened in similar attacks previously.

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