The VOX senator for the Region of Murcia, José Manuel Marín, registered a series of questions in the Senate regarding the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

The senator warned, in his presentations, that the Coronavirus COVID-19 represented a real threat of transmission of the virus that requires strict measures and urgent application by the Government of Spain. And it warned of the risk for Spain, as a Member State of the European Union, which implies a free transit of national and foreign citizens.

Thus, the senator asked the government in the upper house for measures related to the investigation; control at airports; He also questioned the planned measures to prevent the spread from the south of our borders. And he questioned the Executive about measures to prevent the spread of the virus from members of sports teams from risky areas.

In his questions, Marín also asked the Executive to advance how he intended to ensure availability of material to carry out diagnoses, to stop the spread and if any of the kits had shown problems.

He also asked if he planned to establish specific prevention measures for patients with diabetes mellitus and measures to establish treatment recommendations for patients with pneumonia or other serious conditions caused by Coronavirus-COVID19.

Similarly, Senator Marín was interested in knowing how the Executive intended to guarantee the safety of health personnel

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