The parliamentary group VOX has defended this Wednesday that it will not support “false” and “bad” budgets, “with an estimate of income that is not real” and with “an estimate of spending that is not real”. The spokesperson for the parliamentary group VOX has revealed with data that the General Budgets project of Cantabria for 2021 is "essentially identical to last year", and "the same template" has been used with the exception that "they have used COVID for the open bar ”budget.

“An open bar” that has focused – according to Cristóbal Palacio – “on maintaining the political well-being of the caste” and that in front of the objective announced by the government that “no one is left behind”, “the strategy has been – according to Palacio- completely paralyze the society of Cantabria … because nobody has advanced this year of budgets ”.

From VOX they have highlighted how 75% of the budget project is aimed at the "four horsemen of the apocalypse" – health, education, debt and social affairs -, leaving the rest of the councils "approximately 600 million euros" and reducing capacity of Cantabria to “manage politically in this crisis” in “a ridiculous amount”.

The VOX spokesperson has been especially critical of the “galloping” debt, recalling that “when the PRC comes to the government each Cantabrian owed personally 500 euros per inhabitant” and “today we are close to 6,0000. We have multiplied by 11, almost 12, the public debt of each citizen in the last 20 years ”- he lamented.

Cristóbal Palacio has asked that this project be returned to the government and a “foolish” and “harmful” budget be redone that “instead of serving the Cantabrians, it vampirizes them” and that far from being fair and feminist -as they have defended- reduce the 140,000 euros of spending to protect women, compared to the 3.6 million euros of the total for the Promotion of Equality chapter.

From VOX, Palacio has proposed “changing the orientation”, and they propose budgets “that serve the people instead of using the people”, “an expansive budget”. They are bothered by the Spain that gets up early and they look for the Spain that yawns, ”said Palacio. "They aspire to a subsidized Spain" and "the pity is that the businesses of thousands of freelancers and small entrepreneurs have been burdened along the way, as well as" the possibility of a decent life for most of the Cantabrians.

To change this orientation, Vox has proposed to allocate a million euros to "maintain the unions" and "social peace", as well as aid to International Cooperation of 3.5 million to "double the number of ICUs." And it is that -as he has reproached "- they are not" social "assumptions. “It does not exist in your dependency support budget. No more places will be created. The endowment for residences is not increased. I don't know, doctors are not going to be included in the residences. And do they aspire to make their budgets social? " he has asked them.

Cristóbal Palacio has regretted that the budget is not allocated to "revitalize the industry" and if to "satisfy" "its network of affiliates", "its beach bars" and "its shenanigans", while the Cantabrians "have forced us to stop the economy". This is how he referred to the public company Cantur, which has gone from billing 15 million euros and 3 million euros in benefits -with a workforce of less than 200 employees- to "those years in which the affiliate was given the membership card and the contract in Cantur ”. Consequently, today, -according to Palacio- "we have risen to € 25,000,000 in turnover and € 15,000,000 in loss." "15 million which -as he has pointed out- is more than the investment budget of the Ministry of Industry".

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