The Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council has registered an amendment to the entire municipal budget for fiscal year 2021 prepared by the municipal government team, made up of PSOE and Citizens. The spokesperson for the VOX Group, Antonio de Miguel, has explained the return to the Government team of this budget project “For not collecting the necessary policies for the city of Guadalajara, for maintaining excessive political spending on salaries, because it does not contemplate the measures to try, at least, to alleviate the seriousness of the current situation of socioeconomic crisis and because, in addition, inspired by the purest sectarianism, allocates important funds to fulfill ideological agendas in the face of first-order needs of the people of Guatemala ”.

The VOX Group maintains that the municipal budget for Guadalajara in 2021 “forget families, our elders, the self-employed and SMEs, our hospitality industry … in short, those most affected by the pandemic and those engines of our economy that with this type of policy will be doomed to economic ruin and personal", highlights Antonio de Miguel.

In the opinion of the VOX spokesperson, the budget document "It has made it possible to verify the profound differences between our Group and the PSOE and Ciudadanos Government team in budgetary matters, since we consider that the pillars on which it is based do not correspond in any way to the needs of the exceptional moment in which we live , derived from a terrible pandemic with especially damaging consequences precisely due to the mismanagement of it by the social-communist governments of Sánchez and Iglesias, that of García-Page, in our region, and that of Rojo and Ciudadanos, in our region. city", highlights De Miguel.

"Premium to pay for the implementation of left-wing ideological laws on real aid to the people of Guadalajara"

As explained by Antonio de Miguel, "In the current circumstances in which aid to the people of Guadalajara, families, businessmen, the self-employed and economic recovery must prevail, Alberto Rojo, in collusion with Citizens, maintains the large subsidies derived to pay for the implantation of the ideological laws of the ultra-left ”.

Similarly, the spokesperson for the VOX Group has argued this amendment to the entirety because “In the current situation and given that the social-communist government of Spain will continue to lead us by the drift of confusion in its misguided measures until at least the month of May, there are great doubts that certain budgeted items could not be executed as as has happened in the current fiscal year 2020 ". Specifically, Antonio de Miguel refers to the "Expenses that support items for celebrations in the first semester of the year, shows, advertising, propaganda, meetings, conferences or courses for the entire year."

In this way, De Miguel continues, “To the extent that this budget is continuous with the one presented by this same left-wing government team PSOE-Ciudadanos in the previous year, it ignores that the current reality in the city of Guadalajara has changed and, therefore, it is entirely It is impossible for measures from other years to respond to new needs due to the current situation of health and economic crisis ".

"From the Municipal VOX Group we believe that the financial allocation of multiple items that will not contribute to alleviating the serious health and economic crisis in our neighbors should have been redirected, given the more than foreseeable impossibility of execution of some projects. But acting in this way, and maintaining, for example, the large political spending on salaries and advisers, there is a decrease in funds for undoubtedly much more necessary purposes in the current situation, subject to facing the health situation of the coronavirus and alleviating the very serious economic and social situation that plagues us throughout Spain and also in our city of Guadalajara ", highlights Antonio de Miguel.

"VOX, the only party that demands responsibility for the management of the pandemic"

The spokesperson for the VOX Group points out that "This budget does not serve our residents of Guadalajara, and for that reason we understand that it must be returned to be reworked, contemplating each and every one of the real needs of our city because, if it continues in its processing, it will have the unfavorable vote of this Municipal Group VOX ", Antonio de Miguel advances, who emphasizes that “VOX is the only party that demands responsibility for the management of the pandemic and the last containment dam in the face of the nefarious policies that the left is applying in Spain, Castilla-La Mancha and in this city of Guadalajara, particularly, in collusion with the Government partners, the Citizens Group ".

Therefore, the VOX spokesperson concludes, “We request that a new project be drawn up that contemplates the reality that our city is suffering as a result of the pandemic we are experiencing, eliminating and redirecting all possible budget items, including those of excessive political spending by this City Council, to address the needs of all those affected by the pandemic in Guadalajara, with the creation of a programmatic item for all those who suffer the effects of this crisis ”.

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