The Municipal Group of VOX and USPLBE-SITAG, the majority union in the Granada City Council, have announced a proposal for the fair and legal distribution of productivity among all the officials included in the minimum decree who worked during the period of confinement decreed in the alarm state.

«In the Economy Information Commission we were lied to saying that it was a finalist game that could only be invested in productivity, something that is totally uncertain and we will ask the municipal auditor to clarify it before starting the debate on this matter in the Plenary of November, for the political groups to position themselves on the destination of the money of all the people of Granada and that it could have been used for social assistance, the self-employed and any other purpose. But if it has to be distributed among officials, we will only allow it to be distributed legally based on objective and assessable criteria, and this would only be possible by doing it among those who were really at the foot of the canyon during the toughest weeks of the state of alarm. , fighting the COVID19 pandemic. VOX applauded you then and applauds you now ”, said Onofre Miralles, spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX.

«This productivity, as proposed by the government team, is illegal because it is linear, and for this reason we propose a distribution between the officials of essential services such as the Local Police, Firefighters, social services, drivers, IT and many other municipal workers subject to the activities outlined in the minimum services decree established by the Granada City Council itself, ”explained the spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX, who appeared before the media together with José Navarro, general secretary of the Independent Union of Granada Local Police (SIPLG).

On the application deadlines of this productivity decree, Onofre Miralles has clarified that «the processing of an extraordinary credit file would entail, after approval by the Plenary of November, the publication in the Official Gazette of the Province and a deadline of 15 days of allegations, something that VOX has already announced that it will do before this outrage by the government team, if a sensible division of productivity is not made. In view of the current crisis we are facing is a lack of respect for the officials who worked exhaustively during confinement and running a real risk of contagion.

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