The municipal group VOX in Zaragoza considers that the recently approved budgets have ceased to have any potential. Not only will municipal revenues be diminished, but the expenses that will have to be faced are very different from those foreseen, being from now on, and we do not know for how long, fundamentally social in nature, to alleviate situations of need of the population that may occur (which will undoubtedly occur).

The proposals that the municipal VOX group in Zaragoza will present are summarized in the following lines of action:

  • A Fiscal Contingency Plan
  • Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan

Need for these measures

1.- VOX wants to remember that recently, before the start of the crisis, it returned 90% of the economic contribution received for the maintenance of the Municipal Group during the last six months of 2019, those of the current corporation. The contribution of the groups is estimated at 1,500 euros per month per group and 617 euros per councilor. This implies that the largest municipal group, which has ten councilors and eight advisers (also paid by the City Council) receives almost eight thousand euros per month.

2.- VOX wants to reconsider the distribution of eventual personnel carried out at the beginning of the legislature, where the government team monopolized an excessive number of advisers to the detriment of the rest of the groups, taking into account, in addition, that the government has at its disposal the entire municipal staff, which works at its orders and from whom it collects all the reports and advice it needs for the development of its management.

3.- In line with the measures repeatedly proposed throughout the present corporation, but now with much more urgency and need, the municipal group will request the reconsideration of a good part of the improper powers exercised by the City Council.

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