• "We will not allow, Rafael García Ortiz has said, that the nearly 30,000 workers in the hospitality sector in our province are dragged into closing their businesses, being “designated as if their premises were the main sources of transmission of the virus when the hospitality industry is one of the sectors that are setting an example in strict compliance with the rules "

Seville, 18 November 2020. The spokesperson of the Provincial Group of VOX in the Diputación de Sevilla Rafael Garcia Ortiz he has announced the preparation of a battery of measures, motions and questions, which will be presented in the plenary session of the Seville Provincial Council with the aim of saving one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 health crisis and by "Asphyxiating measures of an incompetent government that will ruin a vast majority of the sector if we do not take forceful measures in time."

"It is not a receipt, Rafael García has pointed out, that they are forced to make a series of investments to guarantee sanitary restrictions, they are not given any kind of help and, on top of that, they are penalized with schedules that will do nothing but doom thousands of Sevillian families " "We consider it completely unfair that a sector such as the hospitality industry is demonized, exemplary when it comes to complying with the imposed regulations, as if they were one of the main sources of contagion, when it has been shown that they are the place where they are least produced"

The provincial spokesperson for VOX in the Diputación de Sevilla has explained that from VOX "We are not going to sit around watching this social-communist government ruin the hotel industry, a sector where so many Sevillian families live, directly or indirectly." García recalled that they have been meeting for some time with the main affected parties within the sector, owners, waiters, cooks or assistants, and we fully support some demands that we consider fair, the main purpose of which is to be able to support their homes "

For this reason “we will not stand idly by and, to the extensive information campaign against the state of alarm that we have been launching for a few weeks, we will act from the institutions, in which we have representation, with proposals that save one of the main engines of our economy "

García has highlighted that “At VOX we are not willing to allow the incompetence of this Government to drag down the social and economic ruin, in many cases irreversible, of thousands of Sevillian families who fight for their businesses every day. And he has once again recalled that there is no scientific, health or safety report that determines that infections occur in these places, "moreover, he pointed out, the data provided by the Government indicates that only 3.5% of contagions occur between clients and workers "for this reason" from the Diputación de Sevilla we will fight to save a sector that this negligent government is so determined to sink. "

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