The formation wants to know if the two deputies of the PSOE for Cuenca will vote with the friends of ETA in the General State Budgets.

Vox Cuenca asked if the two PSOE deputies for the province will contribute to the whitening of Bildu in the vote of the General State Budgets, or if on the contrary they will say no and express that there is still some "dignity" on the left.

The formation of Santiago Abascal has already predicted a possible agreement with ETA's friends in the last electoral campaign through his candidate for Cuenca to the Congress of Deputies, Iván Vélez.

"You will end up associating or agreeing with Bildu," said Vélez in an interview with the now PSOE deputy for Cuenca, Luis Carlos Sahuquillo; something that the socialist himself considered an insult and even offended him.

The formation still trusts that there is neatness, dignity and honor within the PSOE. For this reason, he addresses directly the two parliamentarians of the socialist formation in the province of Cuenca to beg their opposition to some budgets, which, after passing their first exam, already carry the ETA seal after Bildu has announced that they will have their support for.

The end of the process will come in several weeks and it will be the moment of truth.

By then, Vox wonders: Will the PSOE deputies for Cuenca endorse budgets that have the support of Bildu? Will they contribute to the whitewashing of those who murdered many of their colleagues and friends? Will they willingly accept the infamy and dishonor of doing what a few months ago they considered an insult?

Dignity and honor belong to the people. Is there any honor and dignity left in the Socialist Party? Will the PSOE deputies for Cuenca be collaborators in the approval process of the General State Budgets supported by the friends of ETA? Yes, ETA, that same terrorist gang that directly murdered many of their own colleagues.

We will be vigilant if your actions do not match your words.

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