VOX steps forward and faces the government's maneuvers

"We told you that we would fight. Today we have fulfilled"This is how Macarena Olona, ​​VOX deputy for Granada and General Secretary of VOX in Congress, announced that our formation was carrying out actions against the silence to which they want to subject the opposition.

In addition, he has pointed out that this is only the previous step before going to the Constitutional Court in an exceptional situation in our country, when the Government has to be subjected to greater control.

"It is not a change of government. It is a change of Regime. And the institutional coup was consummated last March 19 by gagging the opposition in Congress, "he said in relation to the maneuver that the Government has carried out in what the deputy has called" a historic day. "

Pablo Sáez, VOX deputy for the Valladolid constituency, has also expressed himself in this regard, noting that "if a lack of parliamentary control is promoted and the deadlines for parliamentary initiatives are suspended, the Government becomes an entity legally without democratic or parliamentary control. An undemocratic model proposed by this Government ”.

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