Arcos de la Frontera, December 14, 2020. – VOX Arcos regrets that the local government team has abandoned its true competence to throw itself into the arms of superfluous and partisan spending that neither helps keep the city clean and neat, nor improves the lives of Arcenses.

The VOX coordinator has lamented the state of abandonment of some green areas of the city and the lack of maintenance of the flowerbeds, such as the one found in the dividing wall of Cabezo street and in which due to lack of pruning and care the species Vegetables have invaded part of the road and are beginning to be an obstacle for road traffic in the area.

Collantes has also warned of the multitude of neighbors who are contacting his training, alerting them of deficiencies in the garden service, especially in times of pruning, since the officials of the parks and gardens area on many occasions do not collect the bags with the remains that this type of task produces, causing an image of abandonment before the neighbor and the visitor.

Specifically, in the La Gallarda Urbanization, numerous bags with pruning remains have been found lying on the sidewalk that have been abandoned by municipal workers.

VOX wants to encourage the government team to rethink its maintenance plan for green and landscaped areas and reinforce the work in areas such as La Gallarda, where the residents lack bins and only have one container for six streets of single-family homes.

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